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November 9, 2018

Humorous Black and White Photos of Classic Beauties Greeting Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming! Here is a humorous photo collection of classic beauties greeting this holiday from between the 1920s and 1950s.

Dorothy Sebastian, circa 1920s

Fay Webb, 1927

Barbara Kent, circa 1930s

Bette Davis, circa 1930s

 Joan Blondell, circa 1930s

Joan Crawford, circa 1930s

Kate Smith, circa 1930s

Leila Hyams, circa 1930s

Mary Doran, circa 1930s

 Raquel Torres, circa 1930s

Margaret Lindsay, 1935

Marsha Hunt, 1935

Patsy Kelly, 1935

 Angela Green, circa 1940s

Ann Blyth, circa 1940s

Ann Sheridan, circa 1940s

Barbara Bates, circa 1940s

Dusty Anderson, circa 1940s

Joan Leslie, circa 1940s

Judy Garland, circa 1940s

Margaret O'Brien, circa 1940s

Peggy Diggins, circa 1940s

Shirley Temple, circa 1940s

Vera-Ellen, circa 1940s

Virginia Welles, circa 1940s

Donna Reed, 1941

Marie McDonald, 1942

Gale Robbins, 1944

Esther Williams, 1945

Jeanne Crain, 1946

Joan Fulton, 1946

Olga San Juan, 1947

Rita Corday, 1947

Adele August, circa 1950s

Connie Towers, circa 1950s

Debbie Reynolds, circa 1950s

Doris Day, circa 1950s

Gloria DeHaven, circa 1950s

Lucy Marlowe, circa 1950s

Marilyn Monroe, circa 1950s

Mitzi Gaynor, circa 1950s

Suzi Crandall, circa 1950s

Virginia Gibson, 1952

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